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At one point last year, our child was the only one in his preschool class without a runny nose! I know our elderberry syrup was a huge reason for that!     

- (Brittany B, Registered Nurse & Founder)

My mom has had a chronic cough for 15 years! She has tried everything you can think of so we thought, what the heck, lets try elderberry syrup! Within 2 days of taking your Honey Elderberry Syrup, her cough had disappeared! She is so happy!

- Brittany J. (Registered Nurse & Mom)

I love that this product is made by someone I can trust will only allow the BEST of the BEST ingredients to go into her elderberry! My son and I take it daily, and at the slightest sign of a cold coming on we increase our dose to every 2 hours. Within a day or 2 our coughs and runny noses are gone! Elderberry works wonders!!

- Carrie P. (Mom & Business Owner)

I have tried everything to help with my shoulder pain. Just a couple of doses and I was already feeling relief! I can't believe it. 

- Danny B. (Age >60)

Amazing Product!!! My daughter had a bad cold and within two days was almost back 100 percent thanks to this stuff. She actually asks for her elderberry daily! Definitely a blessing in our household.

- Margaret C. (Registered Nurse & Mom)

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