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Silver is a natural element and natural remedy for immune support. It offers numerous health benefits, aiding in prevention & healing for various infections with it anti-microbial properties. Colloidal silver consists of tiny silver particles suspened in liquid and can be used in many ways. 


Suggested use: 

Adults: 1tsp-1tbsp daily

Children: 1/4tsp-1tsp daily

May increase every 3-4 hours as needed


Most common uses: By mouth, Inhalation via aerosolized liquid. 

For other suggested uses, please reach out. 

Suggested use varies per method used. For guidance with other methods, please contact us. 


Our colloidal silver is made in small batches with premium silver and high quality distilled water. Special care is taken to produce this product. Taste and color may vary slightly. 


Manufactured by Nurture By Nature, LLC  Clemmons, NC 27012

Colloidal Silver

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