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Nurture By Nature, LLC was born from our desire to nurture our bodies with natural remedies. By becoming informed and making smarter choices for our health and wellness, we can make a positive impact on our family’s health and wellness. 


In 2014, our family started to grow! Through the challenges we faced with growing our family, it became clear how important it is to be conscious about what we are exposed to and what we place in our bodies. With a background in modern medicine and our new knowledge of natural remedies and integrative medicine, we started on a journey to decrease exposures to toxins and focus on nurturing our body with natural remedies.


Through this journey, we were introduced to Elderberries! We found ourselves looking for a solution to some common toddler issues that didn't involve products filled with artificial dyes and preservatives! I started making Elderberry Syrup for our family and we quickly learned that Hippocrates, the Greek ‘Father of Medicine’ was right! Hippocrates called elderberries his medicine chest due to their healing ability for so many different ailments. I noticed our kids were no longer constantly sick, runny noses had drastically improved, night time coughs had disappeared, and we were able to completely eliminate our need for over-the-counter cough and cold medicines! Instead of constant sickness, we were able to start using Elderberry syrup as a preventative to stay healthy, and now, instead of a real cough, our kid’s will pretend cough and say ‘more elderberry syrup mommy,’ because it’s so yummy!


After seeing what a huge impact it was making on our family and knowing how beneficial it was to our everyday health and wellness, we developed a strong passion to share that and provide a great tasting elderberry syrup, from a trusted and reliable source, close to home!


Thanks to raving reviews and word-of-mouth about our Elderberry Syrup, we have been blessed with the opportunity to expand and make our Elderberry Syrup for others! We are excited to see where this journey takes us and will stay committed to using only the best ingredients to make our products, and maintain the same level of trust that you have already grown to love and have with us!

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